Cookbooking It: Poppyseed Chicken Casserole

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this cookbook!


I made the Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole and it was so good. It was creamy and delicious. I did add one ingredient that wasn’t on the list and that was an entire chopped red pepper. It just seemed like it would go with all the other ingredients and IT DID!




It was delicious that evening and then when I had the leftovers two days later it was even more delicious! I ate it with a salad on the side.


I’m still not sure what part the poppy seeds play in it all but I won’t take them out.

The Mister loved it as well and asked if I would make it again. It was comfort in a pan and then on our plates. It will be good in any season!

~Mrs Galvan~

CookBooking It: Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

Hi friends!

I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in awhile but let me tell you. I have been less stressed in 2015. Not just because I am blogging less though. I am also just making better decisions for my schedule.

This past weekend The Mister and I went on a little weekend getaway and while we were out and about this cookbook caught my eye. The Southern Living Community Cookbook: Celebrating Food & Fellowship in the American South by Sheri Castle.


It’s so pretty to look at! I picked it up and shuffled through some of the pages and realized that I had heard about some of these recipes from one of my close girlfriends. She’s from Georgia. She’s southern. She’s hospitable. She makes me smile and she makes awesome food! You know, I’m southern too, just not the kind of southern she is and I recently told her that she needed to teach me all about HER south. So begins my venture into some southern cooking.

The Mister is on vacation and has actually been at home for dinner. Last night, in celebration of him being home, I made Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy from this cute cookbook.

It was sooooo good! I’ve never made mushroom gravy and oh my goodness! It’s divine!




I served our Salisbury Steak with broccoli and then we enjoyed a couple of episodes of Downton Abbey.


I chose to buy this cookbook because it actually had recipes that I would make. You know, sometimes you pick up a book and there’s like 2 recipes in the whole thing you MIGHT make. Not this one. I’m gonna be cookbooking it for awhile.

Get ready for some cookbook eats. I’m excited!

 ~Mrs Galvan~

Try It Out Thursday: Grapefruit Bars

Try It Out Thursday is dedicated to recipes, products or ideas that I find on Pinterest or receive in my e-mail. I tend to “pin” and save a lot of recipes and craft ideas and never try them so I decided that this will help me wade through the many pins and e-mails that I have.

I can’t eat grapefruit because it does something to my high blood pressure medication but that doesn’t mean that I don’t absolutely love them! Sometimes I’ll sneak some into my diet but just a little.

The other day my pastor brought some grapefruits from his tree into the office and told us to take as many as we wanted. They are beautiful, sweet Ruby Red grapefruits. I made sure to take some because the second that I saw them I knew what I wanted to make.


Earlier in the week I pinned a recipe for “Grapefruit Bars”.  I got it from Leah at Freutcake. I also fell very much in love with her blog!

I followed the recipe as is and it gets 10 thumbs up from me!

The shortbread crust alone on this is ABSOLUTELY delicious and I plan on using it for other things.



And here is what it looked like as I went along.






These bars were so good and I will make them again!

I also had an epic fail with some candied grapefruit peels this same evening.


I followed the directions on the recipe and the peels looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL but they were still bitter when we tried to eat them. So sad, oh well, I shall try again until I get it right!

Try out the Grapefruit Bars, you won’t be disappointed!

~Mrs Galvan~




Try it Out Thursday: Baked Chicken With Spinach & Artichokes

Try It Out Thursday is dedicated to recipes, products or ideas that I find on Pinterest or receive in my e-mail. I tend to “pin” and save a lot of recipes and craft ideas and never try them so I decided that this will help me wade through the many pins and e-mails that I have.

Food prep for the week has become VERY important in our household. If I don’t prep food for our lunches throughout the week, our checkbook really pays for it and so does our health because we are eating out all the time.

I found this recipe on pinterest for Baked Chicken with Spinach & Artichokes from Katerina at Diethood and thought it would make for some great lunches.

It did take some time to prepare. The recipes calls for you to par-cook the chicken so it gets some nice color and it also calls for you to saute the veggies before you even put it all in the oven. 

I did do one thing different and that was that I added zucchini. I love zucchini and there were a couple shouting at me from the refrigerator begging to be used. I added two small ones.




Regardless, it is a delicious recipe and it will be added to repertoire of food to choose from.


I paired it with a salad or some brown rice & quinoa. It really worked out during the week and it was so filling!

This recipe is definitely worth making ahead of time and it reheats well too.

~Mrs Galvan~



Try It Out Thursday: Pajun Korean Pancakes

Try It Out Thursday is dedicated to recipes, products or ideas that I find on Pinterest or receive in my e-mail. I tend to “pin” and save a lot of recipes and craft ideas and never try them so I decided that this will help me wade through the many pins and e-mails that I have.

I like to try new things especially when it comes to food. While on Facebook the other day I saw this recipe for Pajun Korean Pancakes by Sommer at A Spicy Perspective and decided that I definitely had to try making them and eating them.

This recipe is basically for a pancake with veggies in it.




You dip the pancake in the amazing, kind of spicy and sweet dipping sauce and close your eyes and taste all the awesome flavors.


I made my pancakes with Whole Wheat Flour and I found that I had to add a little more liquid to the batter to make it “ladeling” consistency. So, if you do Whole Wheat just eyeball the amount of liquid you use.

Until I made these I had never had them but now, I will continue to make them. The Mister really enjoyed them as well. The recipe makes four nice sized pancakes. We were only able to eat two. So I ended up cutting the pancake into fours and storing it in a ziploc with parchment paper. They are great as leftover the next day. I just put mine in the toaster oven for a little bit and it was just as fresh as when I made it.

I ate my leftover with a pretty, fresh salad on the side.


It’s an easy recipe and makes for a fun, different and meatless meal for one day out of the week.

Try it out!

~Mrs Galvan~


Thirteen Days In

Thirteen days into 2015 and I’m doing pretty good with the stress, YAY! I think the only thing that has been on my mind is getting Christmas decorations down. The Christmas lawn decorations are down thanks to The Mister and tonight I will be taking down Christmas on the inside of the house.

Yesterday I decided I didn’t need to stress about it or stress anyone else out about it and my words to The Mister were, “Tomorrow I will be taking down Christmas. The only thing I need for you to do is take down all the stuff I can’t reach.” It was that EASY my friends. Last night, he started taking down all the stuff I couldn’t reach. It was a fantastic moment!

I’ve also been looking at some new recipes for the year and have found some pretty delicious looking, easy, full of veggies recipes that I can’t wait to try.

I know I’ve been really silent lately but as I’ve decided that I would stress less this year, that may mean less blogging for awhile too. I’m not quitting or giving up this blog I’m just gonna blog as it comes. I will continue to be active on the My Kitchen Is Open Facebook Page though.

As I’ve looked over the past year, I’ve realized that there is A LOT going on in my life and even though food blogging is stress reliever for me I can’t be worried if I don’t blog everyday. I know you miss me:-)

The Mister brought me roses last week and I decided to bring a few to work. Every so often I pick them up, hold them to my nose and inhale that rosy smell and I smile.

This morning I brought the rest of them into work because they remind me to…


I guess I’ll be needing roses ALL year long! Lol!

I’m also counting down the days til I get to see this cutie!


~Mrs Galvan~


Less Stress in 2015

This year, my phrase or theme is going to be LESS STRESS and my theme verses will be:

“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!”                                                                    Isaiah 26:3 (New Living Translation)

“I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.”                                             Jeremiah 31:25 (New International Version)

I was stressed at home A LOT this year but only because I brought that stress on myself :

1. I didn’t spend enough time with God daily.

2. I didn’t spend enough time with God, and then the control freak in me emerged daily.

3. Then I would beat myself up about being a control freak and not do ANYTHING.

4. All that lead to being lazy and then the cycle continued.

So, this year will be about all the things I can do to make my life less stressful, first and foremost beginning with MAKING time to spend with God, even when I have a million things to do or I’m super tired.

Bod 4 God has also begun at my house again, YAY! I hate that it even ended but here we are again. My health is important and I need to continue to be able to function so that I can continue to do the things God has planned for me to do.

So, get ready for some healthy recipes my friends!

Love you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

design (6)

~Mrs Galvan~

Christmas Adam 2014

For the past 6 years, the Mister and I have celebrated Christmas Adam. (Some call it Christmas Eve, Eve) Christmas Adam helps us be able to celebrate Christmas together with friends. Christmas Eve is usually spent doing last minute things and time with The Mister’s family. Christmas Day is spent with my family.

For the past couple of years I have made either Lasagna or Enchiladas but this year we made Thai food!

I’m not sure whether our guests were excited or concerned. I tried and found some great recipes recently and I was excited to share them with our friends and with you!

We had:

Thai Chicken Meatballs from Jo Cooks



Wonton Salad Cups from The Other Side of 50



Easy Pad Thai from Just a Taste


HEB Spring Rolls (which I didn’t get a picture of nor could I find one anywhere)

We also had a Honey Bee Cake that one of my girlfriends brought over. It was still warm when it reached my house and it was absolutely delicious!

Another Christmas Adam marked off the calendar of life, with many more to come!

~Mrs Galvan~

All About The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2014


This year’s Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap was way more fun for me than the past couple of years because I already knew what to expect and how to get things done.

I had my recipe for Biscoff Dark Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies ready to go in August!

Being that I felt so ahead of the game, I didn’t worry too much about it until November and then I started wondering if my recipe was good enough.

It’s way hard to not be a perfectionist when you are sending a food item to another food blogger.  I liked my cookies and so did my co-workers. I hope those I swapped with like my cookies.

My “swappees” this year were:

Renee from Kudos Kitchen

Heidi from Awesome With Sprinkles

Rebecca from Bake N’Quilt

I sent them each a dozen of my Biscoff Dark Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies.



I received cookies from:

Melissa at CupCake Friday Project


Sarah at The Chef Next Door


Tammy from Tammy Circeo Photography


They were all really delicious! Make sure and check out their blogs for the recipes to the above cookies!

Thanks to Lindsay and Julie for hosting this again! It was awesome!


~Mrs Galvan~

P.S. Want to participate next year? Sign up here to receive notifications about when the 2015 swap will start to  and do your part to share some cookie love over the holidays.

You’ll also be helping Cookies for Kids’ Cancer in the process!

 ~Mrs Galvan~

Biscoff Dark Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

For this years Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, I made Biscoff Dark Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies.


I love me some Biscoff–My favorite is Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. During my vacation in November, I picked up 10 jars because I knew this cookie was going to be the Christmas Cookie of the year for my family food gifts. Yes, 10 jars. Each jar makes 6 dozen, LOL!

Here’s the recipe!

Biscoff Dark Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

  • 1 stick unsalted butter (real butter)
  • 1/2 cup light brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter (Or other biscoff spread)
  • 1 1/2 cups All purpose flour
  • 1/4 tsp kosher salt
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 cup dark chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup pecan pieces
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

1. Combine the butter and sugars in a large bowl or in your Kitchen Aid Mixer and cream until the ingredients are fluffy.

2. Add the egg, vanilla and cookie butter (Biscoff) and mix until well combined.


3. In a separate bowl add your dry ingredients: flour, salt and baking soda and mix with a fork.

4. Add dry ingredients to your wet ingredients and mix til it’s just combined.

5. Fold in chocolate chips and pecans.

6. Drop onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper as ablespoon-sized balls of dough.


7. Bake for 10-12 minutes.