Life Distracts-Just Some Highlights- 6 Months Worth!

My last blog post was from July 2017- Oh how life distracts from the things we love the most. 

So much took place after that. The first being, well, I turned 40!

I got a birthday WOD at the gym and loads of friends showed up (maybe by accident, maybe because they love me *shrug*)

My dear friend, Sarah, catered a special 5-course dinner for me and 10 of my closest friends. It was amazing!

OH and it was themed: Fancy super-heroes- I was Wonder Woman!

That entire weekend was full of celebrations with family and friends. It has been the BEST one yet! 

At the end of September, the Mister and I went to Bountiful, Utah to visit our friends Lee & Winter. We spent an amazing week eating good food, hiking, resting, and having some professional photos done for our anniversary. 

We also got to meet Kevin Costner while we were visiting Park City, UT.

My beautiful niece had a birthday. Can you believe she’s 4?! How time flies after you’re born!

Our gym closed, we were very sad. It took us a month but we finally found another gym.

We are now officially VIKINGS! It’s been a great experience and we are enjoying the community at this new gym. 

Thanksgiving happened and then it SNOWED! We haven’t seen snow since 2004 and before then we hadn’t had snow in 109 years! It was awesome! 

Christmas came quickly and the Mister and I hosted Christmas for my mom’s side of the family at our home for the first time ever. It was fun! 

We rang in the new year with some great friends and now, here we are, here I am and it’s almost the end of January. 

Maybe it’s because I turned 40? Why do the days just seem to be flying by?

The Mister and I started the new year with a visit to a nutritionist so that we could dial in this area of our lives. I’ve lost 55lbs pounds since 2015 but I still have a way to go. As of last week, I am down another 8lbs! 

Here’s to the new year and getting things done!

Mrs Galvan



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  1. Hi! I discovered your podcast about a week ago and had to check out your blog! I’m binge listening (in between work and the other podcasts I follow) and am up to #22 I think. 😊 I’m enjoying your sweet love story and am looking forward to exploring your blog posts.
    Robin ❤

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