Losing to Live

In December, I stepped on the scale at my doctor’s office and made the decision was pleasantly surprised  came out of denial. I weighed more than I have ever weighed in my entire life. That day, I made the decision to start making healthier eating choices. You see, this girl, she has tried just about every diet out there and nothing has worked. I’ve known for some time that I needed to make a LIFESTYLE change but I’ve done nothing about it.

Since December, I have been taking steps, little steps, towards a healthier lifestyle. I started with adding more fruits and vegetables to meals, then started drinking lots more water. Next I started counting my calories because I have an issue with portion control. Counting calories with My Fitness Pal REALLY helps me A LOT!

I also purchased an UP 24 Jawbone device to track my steps and sleep. It’s also connected to the My Fitness Pal app. I’ve been working to get up and move more. I’m not exercising yet but that will be my next step.

I am eating well and have anywhere from 10-11 servings of fruits & vegetables a day. I am drinking 100-120 ounces of water a day and eliminating sodas. I am eating whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta. (when I do eat it because that is not too often) Ooh and I’m trying to go to sleep earlier. (that helps more than you know) I’m also packing my lunch everyday for work so that I don’t go out and eat. (that saves money too)

Praise God that I am not feeling deprived. I feel great actually. I’m sleeping better and my sugar levels have dropped significantly as well as the amount of insulin I’m having to take.

I have also stopped baking for the time being. This part makes me sad but it’s what I need to do right now.

Since December 9th, I have lost 16 pounds. That’s a healthy 2.2 pounds a week. That is just by making healthier food choices.

Our church has started a health series that I am very excited about because it means that I have support at work as well. Our entire staff has taken a 12 week health challenge. We are reading Bod 4 God by Pastor Steve Reynolds.

I’ve even started taking walks around the plaza I work in just to get up and move a little since my job is mostly done behind a desk.


This is the year I allow God to do what He needs to do in my life to make me healthier.

Please keep me in your prayers and keep coming back for healthier choice recipes and  updates on how I’m doing on my journey to a healthier Bod 4 God.

~Mrs Galvan~

4 thoughts on “Losing to Live

  1. Thank you for being open and honest and sharing your story. I’m sure it will inspire and encourage others. I really need to work on my water intake. What things have you done to increase yours? Special water bottle or other “tricks”?

    1. I bought a “special” water bottle:) it’s PRETTY and that makes me drink from it and it’s 30oz. Plus it helps me to drink through a straw:) I drink a lot more that way.

  2. Oh friend. I pray that you get to a healthier you. I too struggle with weight. I am very proud of you for starting. Kudos. May God continue to give you the will power it takes to lose that weight. Si se puede!!!

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