Paleo Chili Bowl

My Simple Superhero Paleo Chili is probably my go-to meal when I don’t have a lot of time or a lot of money to spend on groceries. It can feed The Mister and I for a few days and we can eat it a couple of different ways.

The other day I had just enough for a small bowl left, so I decided I wanted to eat it with eggs for dinner. I heated the chili in a small skillet on the stove and once it was simmering, I cracked two eggs in it and I let the eggs cook in the simmering chili for about 6 minutes. It was a different way to eat my chili.


I have also made what I call chili bowls. I recently became very invested in Siete Foods Almond Flour Tortillas. Yeah, I ordered 6 packs and a t-shirt so I could represent!


These tortillas are the best, and they don’t make my stomach feel gross. They are WONDERFUL! I will never stop singing their praises! <3


I store them in the freezer and just take out a pack at a time. Then I warm them on the comal (aka a skillet) like a regular tortilla. 


For the chili bowl, I place the heated tortilla in the bottom of a bowl and then pour a cup of chili in it.


Then I top it off with some fresh avocado.


For the finishing touch, I add a dollop of sour cream, and cilantro. 


I’m grateful that my body can still handle a little bit of dairy. Chili without sour cream? Um, no!

The tortilla soaks up all the chili and at the end, it’s the best part to eat.

Hope this gives you a couple more ideas for the Simple Superhero Chili. There really are more than just a couple of possibilities. I hope you’ll try this one out!

~Mrs Galvan~



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