Try It Out Thursday: Black Beans & Taco Pizza

Try it Out Thursday

Try It Out Thursday is dedicated to recipes, products or ideas that I find on Pinterest or receive in my e-mail. I tend to “pin” and save a lot of recipes and craft ideas and never try them so I decided that this will help me wade through the many pins and e-mails that I have.

A couple of weeks ago, I was lying on my couch catching up on The Pioneer Woman shows that I had DVR’d and I got really excited about the last one where she made a pot of black beans and made four different meals out of them.

I decided I was going to make some black beans and get to cooking. My favorite recipe this far is the Taco Pizza. It was simple to make and fast too!

First, just so you know, I followed Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Black Beans to the “T”. I didn’t change a thing and you shouldn’t either. They are absolutely delicious!

For the Pioneer Woman’s Taco Pizza, I did not make my own pizza dough. I went to the most local Breadsmith and bought some whole wheat dough. It’s a great place to get dough for fast pizza nights during the week. I usually buy two and freeze one for later.

First thing I did was put about two cups of black beans into a skillet with one tablespoon of butter. I mashed them up a little bit but just a little. I added one table spoon of Taco Seasoning (with NO MSG) to the beans and  let them get hot.



Then, I sprayed my pizza pan with cooking spray and stretched my pizza dough to fit my pizza pan. (I have several pizza pans and even a pizza stone but I like to use my pizza pan that has holes in it for this particular dough because it gets crunchy.)



Then I spread the black beans on the pizza dough and then set my oven to 425 degrees.


While the oven got hot, I shredded 1/2 cup of monterrey jack cheese and 1/2 cup of sharp cheddar cheese. Then I sprinkled the cheese evenly over the entire bean mixture and popped it in the oven for 20 minutes.


While the pizza was baking, I got all my toppings ready.



I shredded up some romaine lettuce, chopped some tomatoes and cilantro and made my sriracha/sour cream dressing.


Here is what it looked like in the end.



Don’t think that because this pizza has salad on top that it’s not gonna fill up your tummy. It will! I was very happy with the way it turned out! Thanks to the Pioneer Woman for coming up with such a delicious and fast pizza idea!

~Mrs Galvan~

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