Fall at Casa de Galvan

I know, I’ve been writing about Fall for awhile now but it’s a very exciting season for me!

Besides making fall dishes and using my favorite fall spices, my other fave thing to do is decorate my house for Fall!

My fall decor has come a very long way. My first year of marriage all I had was a couple of garlands of fall leaves. I have all kinds of fun stuff now! Please know that I am very thrifty and I use my Michael’s coupons and go to TJMaxx and the One Spot at Target. I believe that’s the only reason The Mister allows me to spend money on Fall stuff.

Anyway, I wanted to share my decorated home with you all:-)



This is the inside of the front door. The fall swag usually faces outside but since we have had so much rain lately and we get the north wind right at the front door, I decided to face it towards the inside for awhile

FullSizeRender (3)


This is my front foyer table. It’s probably my most favorite part of the house to decorate. I’m still not completely done with it but it’s getting there.



This is my seasonal wall. It changes with the season and whatever holiday is up and coming.





I got these two little scarecrows at Target in the One Spot section. I fell in love with them the second I saw them. All the floral arrangement stuff is from @Home Decor in Corpus Christi.




This, my friends, is Stewart. The Mister named him. I found him at TJ Maxx and just HAD to have him!



This season has brought MANY, MANY owls into my home. They are EVERYWHERE and I love them all!

The only things I haven’t posted yet are the Fall Canvas’ that I am working on. I promise that as soon as they are done, I will post them!

~Mrs Galvan~


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