Sunday, Sunday, Funday!

Today was definitely a day to be remembered in my books. Our church finished an awesome series titled, “What On Earth Am I Here For?” and our three services were a celebration. We had new music, baptisms,testimonies and Thanksgiving type desserts. It was awesome!

Some friends brought me back some of this amazing stuff from Trader Joe’s. I don’t think I will be touching that other hazelnut spread for awhile.


Came home, made some tortilla soup and had some friends over. They guys set up the house Christmas lights. They look great, they did such a great job! As soon as it’s all done, I’ll post a picture.

Played some Settlers of Catan and then ended the evening. I’m usually off on Monday’s but with the holiday, all our staff is working tomorrow.



Looking forward to some time with my family and eating good food. Let the festivities to prepare for Thanksgiving day begin!

I’ll let you have the menu this week. Super excited!
Isn’t this the coolest thing ever? Made us laugh and squeal with delight when we found it and of course it had to be purchased. The Mister loves it so much!


Look forward to my menu!

~Mrs Galvan~

Nablopomo– Day 24

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