Thanksgiving Menu 2013

The Mister and I are hosting Thanksgiving for my Mom’s side of the family and we have been planning the menu for a little over a month now. We have been able to try out the recipes we wanted to make and are satisfied with them. This Thursday, we will serve them all to our family.

It’s all very exciting to me! For as long as I can remember my aunts and uncles have been the ones slaving away in their kitchens so that our families could come together under one roof and enjoy a day of gratefulness.

Now that I’m all grown up (for the most part), I get to slave away in my kitchen for them. One of my aunts is still making some elements to our meal but that’s pretty much the way we do things around here. We help each other out.

My portion of the menu is:


Alton’s a Brined-Roasted Turkey

Pioneer Woman’s Creamy Potatoes

Heather Cristo’s Cranberry Chutney

Beyond Kimchee’s Pumpkin Rolls

There will be stuffing but we are cheaters REALLY ENJOY Stove Top stuffing!

My aunt will bring her traditional broccoli cheese rice casserole, Mexican rice, Beans a la Charra and we will all pitch in dessert of some sort.

Just two more days!

~Mrs Galvan~

Nablopomo–Day 25

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