Christmas Village

I’m not completely sure why but I have a tiny obsession with the whole Christmas Village idea. Having a little porcelain village of unreal people sit on a table in my living room during the holidays makes me smile, really big!

My mom never did the whole village thing but my aunts do and I guess that’s where I got the notion that I should have one too. Since I’ve been married, I have tried to collect a piece or two to add every year. I drag The Mister from store to store looking for that one piece that catches my eye and I’m happy to say that my little village is getting bigger, FINALLY!

Today, however, I had to say goodbye to my sleigh ride guy and his passengers. It was very sad.



On a happier note, I now have room for a larger ice skating pond with little ice skaters.

Anyone else collect village pieces?

~Mrs Galvan~

Nablopomo–Day 23

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