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There is something new happening at #casadegalvan in 2017 and that is a podcast! The Mister and I attended BlogherFood 2016 in October last year and attended a really cool breakout session about podcasts. (Even cooler  because it was hosted by Aarti Sequiera, and her husband Brendan McNamara from “Pass The Salt” and Lucrecer Braxton from “Hello Friend“) This is something he had been interested in for quite some time and it got him super excited about starting one; he just wasn’t sure what it was going to be about.

A week after the conference The Mister came to me and said, “What do you think about reading the journal you gave to me for our podcast?” My initial reaction was, “Huh?! Uh, no!”, but a couple of days later, I said, “Ok.” Here’s the back story on that. Before we got married, I started a prayer journal that evolved into a gift that I would give to The Mister on our wedding night. It contains my thoughts, prayers, and memories of our courtship. Every episode contains readings of a few journal entries and then commentary from The Mister and myself. It’s clean, lighthearted and funny. We hope to inspire people who are not married, and encourage married people to enjoy one another through laughter and open communication.

We hope that you enjoy listening to what God did in each of us as He was bringing us together for His purpose in marriage. 

I promise that it’s not all boring journal entries – the commentary is the best part, in my opinion!

If you’ve never listened to a podcast, or don’t even know what a podcast is – let me give you a little tutorial.

What is a podcast?

It’s basically an audio talk show (although some people do produce video podcasts). The cool thing is that you can download episodes to your phone, or tablet  while on wi-fi and then listen to them during your commute to work, or while traveling – when you don’t have wi-fi. You can also Subscribe to podcasts so that every time a new episode is available you are notified, and when you are in a wi-fi area, it will download the newest episode for you. 

The Mister and I prefer using iTunes for listening to podcasts so we are going to give you some easy instructions on how to find OUR podcast on iTunes.

1. Find the podcast app on your iPhone or iPad and click on it.

2. Type “So This Is Love” in the search bar.

3. Find our podcast on that page.


4. Subscribe to our podcast. It’s one of the best things you will do in 2017 😉



5. Download Episode 1.

6. Press PLAY!

Hope our little tutorial helps! We’d also love to hear from you when you do listen to our podcast.

As of today, we have 6 episodes up and running so don’t waste anymore time–go and download and subscribe to “So This Is Love”.

New episodes are released every Sunday at 2PM- we like to call it, “So This Is Love Sunday”

~Mrs Galvan~


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