So long 2016- Hello 2017!

What a year!

A lot happened in 2016, both in the world and in my personal life. Good things and bad things, sad things and happy things. I wanted to give up MANY times but I didn’t. I’m sure a lot of you felt the same way, but honestly, that is what got me through this past year- the fact that I didn’t have to live my life alone. I had lots of people walking alongside me in their own triumphs and disappointments. We cheered each other on and held each others hands. For that, I am grateful.

I’m not a resolution making girl because who actually keeps their resolutions?

I’ve found that having goals for the year and a list of things I’d like to see happen works for me.

I am already walking into 2017 with a few things in mind:

In 8 months, I will turn 40. FORTY! Where did my 20’s & 30’s go? I remember when that show “Thirty-Something” came out. I was like 10 years old and I thought, I can’t wait to be thirty-something. Now, here I sit, in the last 8 months of my thirty-somethings on the cusp of 40 and I can’t remember where all the years went. I’m not at all worried about turning 40- I’m excited to live another year and I know that age is just a number. I truly believe that! 

I want to continue to grow in my walk with the Lord and my relationship with Him. I read my Bible and pray to God daily and work hard to try to memorize scripture (I say try hard because my brain is just not what it used to be for memorizing) and I’m held accountable for these and other important life choices weekly. This year though, I want to not have to work so hard to make the time to do these things. I want my relationship with the Lord to be like it was when I first came to know Him- full of excitement, anticipation,  trust and wonder!

I want and need to lose another 50 pounds. This past year I lost 55 pounds. 

I did it in a healthy way, by changing my diet and exercising 3-4 times a week. I found the 21-Day SuperHero Challenge by Emily Schromm, which literally turned my world upside down, and an amazing Crossfit community. As a diabetic, I got off of insulin this year and have managed my diabetes with diet, exercise and pills. I hope to either continue that way or get off of pills completely.

I want to continue on my paleo eating lifestyle. I have to say that I have never eaten better in my life! I’m having fun in the kitchen and even more fun getting creative. Who knew there were so many ways to be able eat good, healthy food without starving? Obviously, I didn’t know! I do now!

I want to continue doing Crossfit. Crossfit has changed the way I look at my body. I’m not just a BIG girl, I’m a STRONG girl! It has helped me gain so much confidence in myself. 

I want to continue to be able do the things I’m not real sure I can do and prove that I can indeed do those things. I want to continue to move outside of my comfort zone in movements and maybe this year be able to do my first real box jump!
I want to see the following for our podcast, “So This Is Love” grow. For those of you who don’t know, The Mister and I have started a podcast. It’s called, “So This Is Love”. As of today, there are 5 episodes up and running.

What is our podcast is about? Well, before we got married, I started a prayer journal that evolved into a gift that I would give to The Mister on our wedding night. It contains my thoughts, prayers, and memories of our courtship. Every episode contains readings of a few journal entries and then commentary from The Mister and myself. It’s clean, lighthearted and funny. When we sit down to record, it brings The Mister and I closer, and that is my most favorite thing about it. We hope to inspire people who are not married, and encourage married people to enjoy one another through laughter and open communication.

I’m excited for what 2017 holds and I will walk into this new year with confidence and joy in knowing that God is in complete control of all that is to come.

Happy New Year!

~Mrs Galvan~

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