He Didn’t Forget- A Valentine’s Day story

For Valentine’s Day, I received my favorite lip gloss and a beautiful bracelet from my husband.

He is so amazing and thoughtful! However, I WAS surprised that he didn’t get me flowers. . .For the past 8 years he has always given me flowers, that he arranges himself, and a card. 

He made me breakfast this morning and said, “Not sure what you will eat for lunch.” (I didn’t food prep like normal because I’ve been so busy) and while batting my eyelashes at him, I lovingly replied, “You could bring me lunch. . . and flowers.” He looked up at me, smirked and said, “Mm… I go in at 1PM so probably not.” I stood there feeling kind of sad for a few seconds and then I said, “Pastor Kenny said you should get me flowers.” He looked at me again with that smug smirk on his face, squinted his eyes a little and said, “OH, did he say that?”

We both laughed and then I went on my way to work. All the way to work I though, “He didn’t get me flowers. Is he mad at me? Did I do something wrong? Does he not love me anymore?” All silly notions but very real questions that ran through my head. Don’t you hate the way the enemy attacks?

When I arrived at work and walked into my office, there on my desk, was a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a card, and a heart shaped chocolate chip cookie cake.

I immediately put my things down and made a phone call to him.

He said, “Hello.”

I said, “You were waiting for this phone call, weren’t you?” 

I could hear him smiling very smugly over the phone. 

He said, “I was.”

That was all he said for a few seconds- I could FEEL his smugness through the phone. 

Then he said, “The key to the office that I borrowed, to get into the office last night, is in your purse. Make sure it’s rightful owner gets it.”

Then he laughed! 

Can I just say, I love this man!!!

He didn’t forget that for the past 8 years he has bought me flowers and a card- He hasn’t stopped loving me- He won’t ever stop loving me. (He just recently told the whole world on our podcast) This was yet another example of how feelings don’t dictate reality. Focus the facts- what is true? 

God blessed me with an amazing man. Thank you Lord. 

My dearest Aaron,

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day for me to tell you or show you how much I love you. Thank you for loving me, even in my crazy. I’m so grateful that I get to live this life with you. There is no one else for me, except you and I am looking forward to many more Valentine’s Days with you. May the Lord continue to grow us and strengthen our marriage. I love you more than bacon!


~Mrs Galvan~

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