Cookbooking It: Chile Relleno Bake

Another cookbook dinner last night. Now, I was a little skeptical about this one because when I looked at the ingredients I was afraid it would just be a cheesy mess but OH MY FOODIE GOODNESS!


The Chile Relleno Bake is delicious. I can see using different things to change it up a bit as well. This has two different kinds of cheese that you put down in an 8×8 pan and then sprinkle a cup of diced chili’s over and then MORE cheese!


The egg mixture is what gives this recipe substance. The cheese and chili’s are what give it delicious flavor!




I served it up with a dollop of cream cheese, salsa and half of an avocado on the side.


It was fluffy and creamy and not real heavy. So much so that I probably could have eaten the entire pan myself, but I didn’t! It’s a great meal for “Meatless Monday” too!



My friends, I’m telling you that you really need to own this cookbook.  It’s really worth whatever you have to pay for it. The Southern Living Community Cookbook: Celebrating Food & Fellowship in the American South.


~Mrs Galvan~

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