Cookbooking It: Poppyseed Chicken Casserole

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this cookbook!


I made the Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole and it was so good. It was creamy and delicious. I did add one ingredient that wasn’t on the list and that was an entire chopped red pepper. It just seemed like it would go with all the other ingredients and IT DID!




It was delicious that evening and then when I had the leftovers two days later it was even more delicious! I ate it with a salad on the side.


I’m still not sure what part the poppy seeds play in it all but I won’t take them out.

The Mister loved it as well and asked if I would make it again. It was comfort in a pan and then on our plates. It will be good in any season!

~Mrs Galvan~

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