Christmas has come & gone

Christmas has come and gone and up until this very moment, I have found it hard to find some time to blog. This can not be a good start for the new year.

One of things I would like to do this coming year is try to blog every day the way I did in November. December was harder because there was so much going on but the way I see it, there’s ALWAYS too much going on. I MUST make the time to blog.

Please don’t go away. Keep reading about what’s going on here.

Christmas was a blast! We spent Christmas Eve with The Mister’s familia and then Christmas Day with my familia. So much fun!

Pulled out some photo props at my family’s house. I figured since there were no little children this year that we needed some FUN! They’ve already asked about what I’ll be bringing for the next gathering, LOL! I love my family.




Everyone got food gifts this year and even though I got a head start with my Homemade Madagascar Vanilla back in October, I had my work cut out for me.  I think everyone enjoyed what they got.

Here’s some of what I packaged up for the family.

Homemade Madagascar Vanilla Extract


Dulce de Leche Pumpkin Bread


Brown Butter Cardamom Melts


Orange Chocolate Cookie Bars



Rosemary Shortbread


I have all the recipes I used for these goodies written down. I just need to get them ready for posting. Soon, hopefully!

One of my cousins lives nearby a Trader Joe’s, which we do not have nearby us, and when she comes to visit she usually brings me some of my favorite things. She has said to me that she also tries to get us something “weird” because she knows that The Mister and I like to try new things. So, one of my favorite Christmas gifts was a box full products from Trader Joe’s which she called the “Chopped” box. Her and her hubby are the best!

photo (3)

The Eggplant Garlic spread is VERY good! It intrigued the Mister so much that he had to open it almost as soon as we opened the box.

A new year is on it’s way, I am having a hard time wrapping my head around that. I know that this new year holds a whole lot of change but I am looking forward to it.

For now, Merry Christmas from My Kitchen Is Open!


~Mrs Galvan~

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