New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve and I think we are gonna stay home and enjoy a quiet night (except for all the fireworks that will be going on around us). It’s cold outside and wet too. That combination of weather conditions are NOT my favorite. I was running errands yesterday and my blue jeans were soaked all around the bottom. My poor cowboy boots got a beating too.

We don’t really have any New Year’s Eve traditions except to be with one another. For the past couple of years we have gone to my family’s house to celebrate but since the weather is not the greatest everyone is just staying home. It will be nice to do nothing but lay around. I’ll probably make some sort of comfort food but I’m not sure what yet.

Today we are also making a trip up the valley to get the Mister fitted for a tuxedo. He will be a groomsman this month for our friends, Carey & Patty’s wedding. We like to make a day out of the trip every time we head that way. We usually have lunch at a place we don’t have here and get our groceries at COSTCO.

This month I’m also throwing a lingerie shower for my friend Patty. It’s just 11 days away. I’m very excited about the planning and decorating. It does however mean that Christmas will be coming down this week and it’s never fun taking down Christmas but it needs to happen.

Did I tell you that the Mister got me another mixing bowl for my Kitchen Aid Mixer? He did so good! As I was baking this holiday season, I realized that I REALLY needed another bowl because I kept having to pour whatever batter was in my metal one, into a bowl, wash it out and then make another holiday goodie. I remember thinking to myself that I really needed to invest in another bowl. He said that he saw me struggling with the one bowl and just knew he had to get me another. Now I have two bowls and it will certainly make things a WHOLE lot easier.



What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Any New Year’s Eve traditions?

~Mrs Galvan~


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  1. We spent NYE with a couple of our friends… nothing fancy, just a night of playing games and having fun.

    AND I LOVE YOUR KA BOWL. I think I want one of my own! 🙂

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