Has Christmas EXPLODED in anyone else’s house? I ask because between shopping, baking, wrapping gifts, doing laundry, making dinner and trying to keep my house clean (trying being the operative word) I am feeling more tired than ever!

Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of Christmasy (is that a word?) JOY running through my body and I know that’s why I’m able to stand in long lines in the stores and wait for packages that should have been delivered a week ago.

I like “commerical” Christmas because I get to give people gifts. I love buying, baking and crafting things for other people. It makes me happy.

I love CHRISTmas!


This year I want to start the tradition of reading the story of the birth of Christ in our home. (Luke 1:26-44, Matthew 1:18-24, and Luke 2: 1-16) I also really want a nativity scene set. Maybe that’s what I will do with my evening today…

Got any cool CHRISTmas traditions?