No Giving Up Now

It’s Day 20 of Nablopomo and today I am at a total and complete loss of what to blog about.

Here’s what I’m looking at right now.


Of course, now I’ve typed some words but I sat here staring at my screen for about five minutes.

This is what’s in front of me.


My pretty tree that is only assembled and lit. No decorations yet.

And by my side.


Love my furry baby girl!

I also remembered that I’ve acquired some cute little things lately. For example, this…


I saw it on the World Market website quite awhile back but since we don’t have one nearby I had to suffer without it. Yes, suffer…but then we made a trip to see my sister and there is a beautiful, wonderful World Market there and this was the first thing I picked up! I love it. It makes me smile every time I see it. I imagine that we all have something in our possession that when we see it, it makes us smile.

Also, these cute little things too. I picked up the carrot pastry brush at Target in the $1 section. W0uldn’t you agree that Target has the cutest stuff in the $1 section. I believe it’s called the The ONE SPOT.

The silicone whisk was bought at World Market as well. It’s one of the best that I’ve held. Most of the silicone whisks I’ve touched are flimsy and there is no way that they would whisk ANYTHING but this baby, she does the job EXCELLENTLY!


After work today, I made a trip to Target, you know, my FAVORITE store to shop at and I came across these seasonal items that I am very excited to use up.


I’m thinking about using them for rice crispie treats but I’m not completely sure yet.


I don’t know what I’ll use the Peppermint Bark Bells for but I do already know what I’m going to use the Mint Truffle Kisses for. I know that The Mister will be very excited once I do what I’m gonna do with them because for over 5 years I have REFUSED to make them for him. There’s a story, and where I share that post, you’ll understand. Until then, just know that he will absolutely LOVE me afterwards.

Friends, I will not give up on this 30 days of blogging. I will run this race with perseverance and keep my word to blog every day as I have been. I am NOT a quitter!


Enter my giveaway! 


Just one more day to get in on the giveaway that could win you a copy of the newest Pioneer Woman cookbook, “A Year of Holidays”.

Oooooohhhh and just one more day til my 2 year Blogiversary!

~Mrs Galvan~

Nablopomo–Day 20


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  1. Ooo – peppermint marshmallows!!! I may have to make a special trip just for those. Miss E would love if mommy shared those special yummies more often for sure! 🙂

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