HP #warmupyouwalls Houseparty

Houseparty chose me to host a Hewlett Packard #warmupyourwalls party. Last Saturday I planned a dessert party where I served carrot cake cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, pumpkin pie, coffee and water.

The turn out for the party was small, (even though I invited 15 people) but some of the sweetest people did show up and we had a really good time.

I got to show them the 16×20 canvas print of one of my engagement pictures as well as an 8×20 and 5×7 mounted photo of some pictures from the same session. HP sent me coupons to make those items for free. I got to make the mounted photos online and they were done in an hour!! Can you believe that??? I couldn’t! I had to go into Wal-mart photo Center to make the 16×20 photo. The experience with the machine to place the order was good. The experience with the cashier however, not so much. They didn’t know how to use the coupons so I spent a lot of time watching 2-3 Wal-mart associates try to figure out how the coupons worked.

Either way, the photos were worth the wait. They came out beautiful and vibrant and totally not what I expected AT ALL!

HP also sent some cute little face masks and chalkboard bubbles to take pictures with.





My friends also received goodie bags that contained some goodies from HP as well. They got LOTS of coupons, a lip balm (which I thought was funny at first but it’s really good lip balm), some ribbon and clothes pins to do a project for hanging Christmas cards on and did I mention LOTS of coupons?? They even received a coupon to get an 8×20 mounted photo for only $5. They all also received a coupon for a free item. Each one of them got one because there were only four of them. *smile* They were all very happy the came to the party after that.

After all the eating, laughing and talking was over, my livingroom turned into a honky tonk dance hall.

Great fun was had by all!

The next picture was by far my favorite of the entire night.


Great party! Thank you Houseparty for the great stuff and choosing little o’ me to make it happen!

~Mrs Galvan~
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