Ibotta lots of things and got money back

If you haven’t tried the AMAZING Ibotta app, you really otta. In the time that I have been using this app, I have made almost $40. How you ask? By buying things I actually need. That $40 doesn’t even include the extra savings that I have gotten by using coupons on those items.

Go HERE to download the Ibotta app!


Seriously, at first I wasn’t sure whether this app would be worth my time but it really is. The way that it works is that there are items that you can purchase that you get paid to either advertise, watch a video of or answer a poll question. You buy the item, scan the bar code and take a picture of the receipt AND you can do it when you get home. You don’t HAVE to do it in the store. On top of getting paid for those things, you can still use coupons for the product. So imagine saving $1 on an item with a coupon and then getting paid $1 for buying it.


My favorite thing to do is use Target’s CARTWHEEL app, use a Target coupon, a manufacturer coupon, use my Target Red Card (Gives me 5% off) & my Target Pharmacy Rewards 5% off and still get paid through Ibotta. There are sometimes some REALLY great deals! Oh and definitely go get the Target Cartwheel app too!

Go on… Download it! You know you want to. You otta get Ibotta!

~Mrs Galvan~
Nablopomo–Day 12

P.S. No one is paying me to blog about this. That’s how awesome this app is. Go…get it…now!

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