Try It Out Thursday: Chicken Chorizo Burgers & Grilled Okra

Try it Out Thursday
Try It Out Thursday is dedicated to recipes or ideas that I find on Pinterest or receive in my e-mail. I tend to “pin” and save a lot of recipes & craft ideas and never try them so I decided that this will help me wade through the many pins and e-mails that I have.

My taste buds have been craving something different lately. I’ve been tired of all types of cuisine and as I was perusing my pins, I came across this burger that sparked my interest. A Chicken Chorizo Burger from Lea Ann over at Cooking On The Ranch. She also does a Cumin Lime Quick Pickle that sounds amazing! I’m trying that NEXT!

The only thing I did different was make a slightly larger batch. I did 2lbs of Chicken, 1 pound of chorizo and 2 garlic cloves (grated). It made 8 burgers. They were beautiful and delicious! The great thing about adding chorizo to ground chicken is that it keeps the meat from being DRY! Anytime I have ever had a homemade chicken burger, it is dull and dry. It was the total opposite for this burger. It was juicy and perfect!


I hope you all know about Mexican Chorizo, what it is and how it tastes! It’s beautiful and flavorful and really not that good for you but eating it every once in awhile won’t kill you.

I love chorizo mixed in scrambled eggs, on my queso flameado, in my beans a la charra, and now, mixed in my burger!


I served my burger with grilled okra and sauteed little baby summer squash.

The grilled okra was AMAZING!

It’s super easy too!

A couple of weeks back I found this recipe via Add A Pinch for Grilled Okra and I couldn’t think of what I wanted to serve it with until I made this burger.

grilled okra

My grill ran out of propane half way through so I also pan seared some of the okra as well. My husband absolutely detests okra so there was plenty of it for the rest of us to eat. It was delicious!

See you next Thursday!

~Mrs Galvan~



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  1. Thank you so much for finding me on Pinterest, trying that burger and the shout out. i like your “try it Thursday” idea. I’ve got so many things I’ve pinned on Pinterest that I should make it a rule in my house. I’m also loving this grilled okra. Pinning that one.

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