Ornament Swap 2012

I recently participated in an ornament swap via Lauren at Tutus and Tea Parties and it was a pretty great experience. My ornament swap partner was Krista from Life Somewhere in the Middle. Krista is super sweet and after sending her an email to get to know her better I was excited to find her an ornament. I actually ended up buying her 4 ornaments, 2 of which I “enhanced”. I knew I didn’t have time to sit and actually create an ornament so, I did what I could.

She sent me the sweetest ornament ever. It’s a cupcake and its made with a round glass ornament, a cupcake liner, and sparkly beads. It’s super cute and it matched our tree this year. Here it is:


Here are some pics of the ornaments I sent her. Krista is engaged and set to be married next year and being a newlywed myself, I knew that she could appreciate an ornament with space for a picture.


I actually sent her two of those. At $1 a piece, I couldn’t resist.

Then I found this cute ornament that said LOVE. The “O” was a heart instead of the letter so I used a gold sharpie to write Brian loves Krista on it and the year. It may be cheesy but when you’re in love, things like that are cute. I’m in love, so I thought it was SUPER CUTE!


Since I already owned the gold Sharpie marker it REALLY only cost $1.

The last one I bought was a PLAIN glass snowflake ornament that I also only spent $1 on. It took me a while to figure out how I would “enhance” this one but I remembered that I had a crystal appliqué that I found on clearance last year. The appliqué cost 68 cents and it fit perfect! So the total for this ornament was $1.68. Here’s the after pic:


I hope that Tutus and Tea Parties hosts this ornament swap again next year. I plan to get started on making some ornaments for next year soon!

Lauren, thanks for hosting the swap! Please do it again next year!

Thanks for reading friends and come back soon!

~Mrs Galvan~

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