Foodie Penpal November 2012

I received my last Foodie Penpal box of the year and it was AWESOME!

My foodie penpal this month was Lindsay. She doesn’t have a blog, but I wish she did! Lindsay was so thoughtful. Her questions to get to know me were awesome. And even though fate conspired against her and kept her from some choice items she wanted to send, she STILL sent me an amazing package!


Lindsay spoiled me with lots of Trader Joe’s stuff! I don’t have a local Trader Joe’s (the closest is 4 hours away), so the things she sent were deeply appreciated.

I absolutely love the banana chips from Trader Joe’s! There is something about them that is so much tastier than any banana chip I have ever had. They are also lower in sugar and the ingredient list is very short, which makes me happy!


Lindsay also sent me some freeze dried fruit (looks like it’s from Costco). I am going to have to go and find this soon! This freeze dried fruit is pretty darn good!


I haven’t had the chance to taste this curry sauce, but I am looking forward to it! I think I’m gonna use it with some of the 1,000 pounds (that’s an exaggeration, but pretty close) of turkey we have left over from Thanksgiving!


I’m super excited to try the seaweed salad, and I have some plans for the Harvest Grains Blend. I’ll post about it soon!


I also received a bag of BBQ potato chips. Unfortunately, they made it to me in very tiny crumbs, LOL! Even so, the crumbs tasted fantastic!


Last, but certainly not least, Lindsay sent my furry baby, Leila, a treat as well! She was sooo happy to get a treat she even did tricks!



Thank you, Lindsay for my wonderful, wonderful box!

I sent my November box to Julie from What Julie Ate. You can see what I sent her here —> HERE

For the month of December, Foodie Penpals will be donating to an awesome cause, and we won’t be sending boxes. Instead, we will be donating money to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

If you are interested in Foodie Penpals click —>HERE

Thanks for reading today! Keep coming back!

~Mrs Galvan~

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