Playing Catch-up and filling you in

Hey friends!

I’ll be playing catch-up on my BzzAgent product reviews today. I have been so busy with my mom these past few weeks/months. For those of you who don’t know, my mom has started dialysis. She hit stage 5 renal failure after her stroke in 2009 but the kidney doctor just kind of kept putting band aid’s on the issue. She’d been really tired for awhile and then her last lab results showed that she was SEVERELY anemic. That of course was due to the renal failure. So, 2 1/2 weeks ago she spent a week in the hospital getting a temporary catheter put in her chest (which we lovingly call her spark plug) and a permanent fistula in her right arm to run dialysis through. She will use the catheter in her chest until the fistula in her arm is healed. In about 2 months they will attempt dialysis through her arm.

So, we have a whole new schedule in the Galvan house. Just a few months ago I remember thinking, “I can NOT add anything else to this schedule!” Ha, ha! Well, apparently God thought otherwise because not only did we add something else to our schedule but we also got the most gorgeous black lab puppy as well. Ya wanna talk about busy?

Here’s a sneak peek pic of my Leila girl:)


~Mrs Galvan~

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