BZZAGENT Review: Filippo Berio® Olive Oil

I was really excited about this campaign because I love to cook! Although, I have never really been a fan of Filippo Berio brand olive oil, I opted to give it another try. The BZZKit was awesome! I received a bottle of Filippo Berio® Olive Oil, info on it, coupons and this really cool jar opener thinger majigger.

At my house, we cook with olive oil all the time. I usually buy a good mid-range priced olive oil that I have a coupon or two for. I do have my favorite kind of olive oil and that is the California Olive Ranch brand. I’m not here to talk about them today though.

Filippo Berio Olive Oil is not my favorite.  To me, it feels really thick and heavy and the taste is kind of harsh. I am glad that I was given the chance to write this review though because in all  honesty I think that it all depends on your palate as to whether you will like it or not. I used it like I use my other olive oil and it worked the same. I did not however like using it as a salad dressing as I do with my other choice of olive oil. It just wasn’t the same. Like I said, not my favorite but it gets the job done.

OOooh, this little chart is super cool too so check it out!

So, give it a try and make the decision for yourself. Here is a link for a coupon for $1.00 off so that you can just that!   COUPON

Have a great week!

***I am a BzzAgent. BzzAgent sent me this sample to try for free.***

~Mrs Galvan~

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