Recap of the Crossfit Open 2017

I know, it’s been awhile…but I’ve been busy…yes, for real 🙂 BUT I’ve been very active on my Instagram account.

I’m post one week after completing the Crossfit Open. What is the CrossFit Open, you ask? Well, it’s basically a worldwide CrossFit competition. Yeah, I competed against the world! Oh! And guess what? I wasn’t LAST! That’s all that matters to me!!!

The open is a BIG DEAL. Basically, the entire CrossFit world waits…patiently…until a crazy guy named Dave Castro gives all these crazy clues as to what the workout for the week will be and everyone tries to guess what the workout will be with these clues. They are ridiculous clues that no one really gets. It’s so funny to watch people try to guess what the workouts will be.

Then on Thursday’s, at 7PM CST, he announces the official workout live; throwing a big party and everything. All the CrossFit guru’s would then start releasing their tips, tricks and warm-ups for these grueling workouts.

The place I got my tips, tricks and warm-ups from were from Dr. Ryan DeBell at The Movement Fix.

For 6 weeks, I did a competitors training called Built by Bergeron. This was the week before the open, and all five weeks of the open as well. I decided that I would continue to do whatever competitor training is going on at my box from here forward. 

My coach, Rhiannon, was so awesome as to spend Saturday’s after a long morning leading her small group, to video me doing these workouts. She also competed and that was very cool to watch and learn from as well!

Three others from my box also competed, and it was neat to watch everyone push through the hard stuff and celebrate with them as well. I’m so proud of Robert, Andrew and Amanda for all the hard work they put in! They encouraged me, cheered me on and made me proud to be part of such an amazing community.

Friends, I had SO MUCH FUN! I did the open to push myself. I did it for fun and even though the workouts were tough, I got through and I didn’t die! I’m so proud of myself!

Here are the links to the videos of me doing each workout.

Crossfit Open Workout 17.1

Crossfit Open Workout 17.2

Crossfit Open Workout 17.3

Crossfit Open Workout 17.4

Crossfit Open Workout 17.5

Somewhere in all of that I also got “Athlete of the Month” at my box, Inner Strength Athletics. THAT came as a total surprise. Mostly because no one has called me an athlete since I was 12 years old. It was a great encouragement to me and made me feel like I’m doing something that I’m supposed to be doing right now in my life.

That’s my recap of the CrossFit Open. I’m glad it’s over…and I’m excited for what’s next on my fit journey.

This coming Monday, I start another 21 Day Challenge with Emily Schromm! This will be my fifth 21 Day Challenge. It has changed, and continues to change my life. 

The next 21 days will be fun, and I promise to get some more Paleo recipes up soon!

~Mrs Galvan~


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