Almond Matcha Milk

I wasn’t feeling too great on Wednesday morning, and everything in me did not want to get out of bed, but I knew that if I didn’t I would just lay in bed all day. Personally, when I’m sick, I only allow myself so much time in my actual bed. For some reason, the longer I’m in bed, the longer I’m sick.

So, at 10:30am I got out bed, brushed my teeth and hair, and then tried to decide what my queasy stomach would take for breakfast. I knew I wanted something cold but a smoothie sounded really disgusting, and since I’ve moved over to a paleo eating lifestyle, I knew I couldn’t just eat whatever I wanted.

While in Austin, we visited a paleo restaurant called Picnik, and I had their Golden Milk Matcha (I didn’t know what Matcha was until that day – It’s basically a really potent special green tea pulverized into powder). One serving of it (1 gram or 1/2 tsp) is equal to 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of coffee. The feeling that comes from drinking Matcha is that of focus and heightened awareness with the energy to get things done. It’s also great for fighting the “tired” monster. It contains a very high level of antioxidants, it strengthens your immune system, it burns calories, and it even helps to detoxify the body.

Standing in my kitchen, I decided that I was gonna come up with my own little breakfast drink. img_6289

Almond Matcha Milk
The best way to drink almond milk in the morning and get a little caffeine
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  1. 2 cups unsweetened almond milk
  2. 2 scoops Collagen Peptides
  3. 2 tsp Matcha Green Tea
  4. 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  5. 1/4 tsp ground turmeric
  6. 2 tblsp honey
  1. In your, blender combine all the ingredients starting with the liquid FIRST.
  2. Blend together for 30 seconds.
  3. Pour over ice, and drink up.
  1. P.S. I used the turmeric I had in my cupboard, but there are much higher grades of turmeric than this. You could also use a TINY piece of fresh peeled turmeric if you wanted.
  2. P.P.S. You can make this without the collagen if you don't have any and it will still taste exactly the same.
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You may have noticed a product in that first picture that you’ve never used before. It’s called collagen. I started using collagen this past year when I began eating more paleo and doing crossfit. I add it to my coffee in the morning, or in my smoothies. It’s great, because it has no flavor or smell. I use this specific brand, Vital Proteins, because it comes from pasture raised, grass-fed proteins. It’s so great for your hair, skin and nails, and is great for bone and joint health.


Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory. It’s full of anti-oxidants, and it’s great for lots of other things, too. I’m sure that there are many higher grades of turmeric that you could purchase, but this is what I had in my cupboard, so it’s what I used.

This will definitely be making it to my list of things to have for breakfast, especially because it’s so easy to put together. Sometimes I get tired of eggs so this will be a nice change.

~Mrs Galvan~


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