Recap of Vacation

For the past week I have been on a lovely vacation. This is kind of a long post but totally worth scrolling through 😀

It started with a burger & nachos at Chris Madrid’s in San Antonio:



Some of our friends recommended this place and it was a WIN!


Then a LOVELY Fiesta Wedding:

With Maracas,



A beautiful kiss,


 and awesome wedding decor!



The next morning we ate at The Guenther House:

We had the Chicken & Waffles and Guenther’s Favorite Breakfast Platter.


We had already kind of started eating when I realized that I needed a picture of the deliciousness that we were consuming. This is as good as it gets!


That biscuit there is like 2 inches thick! It was so good!

For lunch we ate at The Dough Pizzeria. This was probably my most favorite meal of our time in San Antonio.



The creaminess of this was just unexplainable!




They only use San Marzano Tomatoes and their cheese is made in house.



This was the best Tiramisu I have ever had and I’ve had a lot of Tiramisu in my life. Now if only I could get to where it originated, lol!

I got to visit The Container Store and Sur La Table. Those are not local stores for me so it was very nice.

We also made our annual trip to Trader Joe’s. I had to stock up on cookie butter and other goodies!


The next morning we ate at The Magnolia Pancake Haus.

We have eaten here a few times whenever we are in San Antonio. It’s always so hard to choose what we are going to eat because there are so many amazing choices.


The Mister had The Crab Cake Louie’s Benedict.


I had The Stonewall Ranch Breakfast.


After all that eating of food, later that evening we decided that we would like salad for dinner.

We had an early dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.

Asian Lettuce Wraps for The Mister



Skinnylicious Asian Grilled Chicken Salad for me



Our last night in San Antonio we got to eat at The County Line BBQ but I didn’t get any pictures. I can tell you that the food was good and that the servings were HUGE! If you’re hungry, this definitely a place to EAT.

Before we headed home,we stopped at TEAVANA. Yea, I won’t ever go in that store again. LOL! Just kidding but we left with $136 worth of tea stuff. Luckily we drink a lot of tea!


On our way home Tuesday, we stopped to visit my sister and her family. I got to see my beautiful niece and hold her in my arms.




She even hugged me when we left.

I have been home for a few days now and it has been nice to be in my own bed, on my own couch and watching my own TV. It’s been a great vacation from my vacation. Tomorrow that vacation is officially over.

I’m grateful to have had the time away to spend with The Mister and relax with family and friends.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

~Mrs Galvan~



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