Wedding Dress Tea Party

I was invited to a Wedding Dress Tea Party by my very creative and fun friend Sarah two weeks ago and there was NO WAY that I was not going to blog about it.


My wedding dress was packed in a trunk, in the garage. It had not been cleaned or preserved. Still, I pulled it out of it’s archived hide away. It didn’t look too bad, after 6 years, it’s not yellowing yet.

I hung it up in the closet to let some of the wrinkles fall out. I did this the night before the party because I kept forgetting about it. So, as you can imagine, I wore my dress with many wrinkles.


Did my dress fit me? Not exactly but it ALMOST did and I was happy with that for now. I will fit in my dress again, oh yes, I will! We also had the option of wearing a bridesmaid dress if we weren’t married or if we just didn’t want to wear our wedding dress.

IMG_2494(photo credit: M. Lewis)

I was a little nervous for this party because my dress didn’t fit but once all the girls arrived, I didn’t really think about it much. Sarah did tell us before we made plans to come, to make sure that we brought some comfortable clothes as well because who wants to sit around in their wedding dress all day. As beautiful as ANY dress may be, and even if it still fits, without the adrenaline from your “big day”, it’s just not fun to do.

Sarah made some delicious iced teas! Oh, they were really good! We had Blackberry Mint Iced Tea, Strawberry Basil Iced Tea and Citris Ice Tea.


When I asked her how she made them she said, “I didn’t even really use the recipe for the blackberry tea. I’ve been making flavored tea for a while now. I just brew tea, pretty strong, and I make a simple syrup to go with it. There was strawberry basil (with vanilla extract) and Blackberry mint (with almond extract) and the other one was a mix of black tea and green tea with oranges and lemons squeezed in. There was no simple syrup with that one.”



She even made us some Lemon Thyme Water. It was so refreshing!


Our tea party  consisted of lots of delicious and interesting finger foods.



Sarah made  Goat Cheese Pecan Finger Sandwiches, Arugula & Herbed Butter Sandwiches, and our friend Lindsey made some Cucumber Sandwiches that were exceptionally delicious .



There were also Mini Caesar Salad cups. These were AWESOME! The little cups were made of Parmesan Cheese and I could have eaten 10,000 of them!

Sarah also made some little Chicken Salad Cups and Twice Baked Red Potatoes. Can you say yum?!


Here’s what my plate looked like.


 It was a really fun party, great girl time and a really great excuse for us to wear our wedding dresses again.

IMG_2491(photo credit: M. Lewis)

We talked about making this an annual thing.  I think it’s a great idea!

~Mrs Galvan~

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