Pajamas & Pearls Lingerie Shower

I have become quite fond of throwing lingerie showers for my “soon-to-be bride” friends. It all started last year when one of my old students from high school ministry turned very dear friend (Making me feel old) got into a relationship that seemed to be headed towards marriage. She was a part of my own wedding party and very much a part of my lingerie shower.  It made me reminisce about my own courtship and the lingerie shower that had been thrown for me. It was the best shower EVER!

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I didn’t exactly do everything right throughout my life. Jesus changed me and made me new and pure and by golly He brought back my emotional innocence. (That’s the best way I can put it) Before I knew Jesus, NOTHING made me blush. That lingerie shower though, wow, it was thrown by the women in my church who loved me and they made me feel like I deserved to celebrate that I would soon be married to the man God had for me. I was quite the blushing bride to be that day at my lingerie shower and I’m grateful to God for His beautiful grace in those moments that have truly made me feel like His princess.

At the last lingerie shower I hosted, my friend Stephanie was there, and newly engaged. I told her that if she would let me, then I would host a shower for her. She’s kind of shy and wasn’t sure at first but then we mentioned making a very laid back shower where we could come in pajamas and she was ALL ABOUT IT!

I still wanted it to be pretty so I thought it would be fun to add pearls to our pajamas. I researched and found an invitation on Etsy that was for a “Pajamas & Pancakes” party. That’s where I drew inspiration from.  I have had really good experiences with ordering digital invitation files and so this time I ordered my digital file from Kristin at KristinZkreations on Etsy. She did such a great job with it!


My decor, of course consisted of the color PINK and PEARLS! I get excited about decorating for parties and since this party was so close to spring, I also got to keep a lot of it out for the season change.

photo 2 (4)

 This what my entrance way table looked like weeks before the lingerie shower.

photo 1 (5)

 This is what it looked like the week of shower.

photo 3 (1)

I made Stephanie’s bridal shower corsage as well. I have had so much fun making these! I honestly can’t wait to make another.


The lingerie shower swag gifts were little boxes that said, “Thank you for coming.” They had some pearl earrings and some Hershey Kisses that Influenster actually sent me as part of the #JadoreVoxbox.


They worked perfectly because I’m not eating a whole lot of chocolate these days so I could give them away! As another “Thank you” the shower attenders got to take home a pearl necklace as well.


The Bride doesn’t eat gluten so all the shower food was gluten-free. We made fresh gluten free waffles and you may think, YUCK! but these were REALLY good! So much so that I’m actually gonna say something about them.

The gluten-free mix is by Namaste Foods and this Pancake & Waffle Mix is one of the best one’s I have tasted. Everyone at the party loved them! The only thing I did was add a little ground cinnamon and pure vanilla extract.


I served lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.



I made my signature chicken salad and served it on slices of Granny Smith apples. The combination of the two was absolutely delicious!


I also made a Potato Basil Frittata that Ina Garten boasts on one of her party episodes on Food Network. I made it gluten-free by subbing the all purpose flour with gluten free flour.



We played some fun games, made the Bride blush and had great conversation. It was a party that I believe will be memorable to the Bride, even 10 years from now.


The wedding was absolutely beautiful and so touching in many ways. It was so wonderful to see their friends and family come together and celebrate with them. Stephanie was a beautiful bride and her hubby agreed.



photo 2 (1)




It was a very HAPPY DAY. I’m so excited to see how God will use this marriage to extend His Kingdom!!!

~Mrs Galvan~




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