Peacock Themed Lingerie Shower

In February, I had the honor of hosting a lingerie shower for a very dear friend of mine that got married this month.

As she and I talked about what colors or theme she would like, we decided on a peacock theme. I got super excited because recently I had seen some fun peacock themed crafts that I wanted to try out.

This was the first lingerie shower I had ever hosted. I have hosted a few baby showers but those are a little different. As I began my research I came across some weird stuff, LOL!, and I decided that I wanted the party to be a classy one.

I started with the invitations. These were handmade by me and a lot of fun to make. I even got my husband involved in the process.


Then I put together the favors. I made some peacock pens and included a teal nail polish and cute coin purse from Charming Charlie.

peacock pen



I also made some very cool peacock placemats! I looked all over the internet and in stores to see if I could just purchase them, but they were ridiculously expensive! So, I decided to just make them myself.


I will eventually put these up for sale on E-bay as soon as I can find a box to ship them in. (If you have a large flat box you’d like to get rid of and are local let me know!)

For food, I served a few different salads and vegetables. I served caramalized onion & cilantro chicken salad sandwiches, macaroni salad (with “manly parts” pasta), romaine salad with candied pecans and strawberries, a cheese ball with crackers and these super cute veggie cups with ranch dressing.




My hubby contributed to this party by making some “Blue Velvet” cupcakes with amazing cream cheese frosting (That little purple sparkly, puff represents “the moment”). Friends, I have to brag on my husband here. His cream cheese frosting is deliciously creamy and mousse like–I’m so proud!


I bought the “Bride To Be” sash and sparkled it up because it was BORING straight out of the package and no bride wants a BORING sash exclaiming her “soon to be” title. I also made her veil with peacock colors and added some sparkle there too.



I thought the party was a success and the “Bride To Be” seemed to enjoy herself. That’s all that matters to me.

It was so much fun hosting this party! I found that I really enjoyed planning and hosting.


(I have her permission to post these pics by the way)

I’ve known this young lady since she was about 14 years old. I was her small group leader in high school and worked with her while she sang on the high school ministry worship team. I watched her grow as a young lady and blossom into a young woman as she graduated from high school and then college. She was even a bridesmaid in my own wedding. I love her DEARLY, just as much as I love my own little sister.

It was awesome to watch her marry the man that God brought into her life. I’m excited to see how God will use them to build His Kingdom!


P.S. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding!

~Mrs Galvan~

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