Daniel Fast: Day One

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna give you a play by play of the next 21 days. I’m just gonna give you an idea of what the next 21 days are going to look like.

Today was not as bad as I’d anticipated. I had a couple of headaches throughout the day, but nothing that lasted more than a couple of minutes. The withdrawal from sugar and caffeine will come in the next few days I suppose, but maybe God will have mercy on me regarding the terrible way that I eat sometimes. Yes?

For breakfast, my husband, also known as my “sous chef/culinary consultant”, made us some delicious and LARGE smoothies with frozen bananas, frozen blueberries, peanut butter, unsweetened vanilla almond milk and some apple juice. I say LARGE because those smoothies got us through the morning and afternoon.

For lunch, we didn’t really eat. We mostly snacked and filled up on water.

There are lots of things that we CAN eat on the Daniel Fast, but there are also LOTS of things we CANNOT eat. This fast makes it hard to watch television because our TV is forever set to the Food Network or Cooking Channel. I also have a hard time being on Instagram or Pinterest because all my Instagram friends are foodies, and on Pinterest I just naturally gravitate towards the food stuff (the good stuff!).

So, today, I spent the day lying around. I did some laundry, prayed, read my Bible, slept, prayed, read my Bible, went to the grocery store, prepped lunch and dinner for tomorrow and pretty much tried to let my body adjust to no sugar or caffeine. I’ve had a few headaches but that’s it. So far, so good, I say!

Here are some of the things that I GET to eat while on this fast:


The Seeds of Change Quinoa & Brown Rice can be made in the microwave in 90 seconds. The Westbrae Beans and Central Market Organic Beans are the beans I use in my vegetarian chili because there isn’t any added sugars in them.

I can’t believe how many items in the grocery store have ADDED SUGAR. It’s crazy!


The Veggie Patties are heaven! When we eat these, my husband does not miss meat! Really, that’s all that matters, LOL! Of course, when the fast is over, we WILL go back to meat.


Nuts and nut butters make our lives easier, too, but of course it’s also pretty hard to find them without too much salt or added sugars. This is the first time we have bought Justin’s Peanut Butter and I really like it!

Of course we are big fans of fruits and vegetables too!


I found this dressing when we were at Sprouts on Sunday. It’s the first dressing I’ve found that I could buy at the store and use on the fast. I usually just make my own with a little olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. I haven’t tasted yet. We shall see if my tastebuds like it.


LOTS OF WATER and for our smoothies, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. OOooh, and the TreeTop 100% Apple Juice gets a thumbs up on the Daniel Fast too!


Dinner was BEAUTIFUL! We had double stacked vegan patties with a cilantro dressing that I made and a plate of vegetables. It tasted great and I was so full!


At the end of the day, we are happy campers.

To end the evening, Foodie Penpal 2013 is well under way. It’s too late to sign up for this month but head over the The Lean Green Bean and get the information you will need for next month! I’ve had so much fun participating and have made lots of new foodie friends.

Look forward to my post for Foodie Penpal January 2013 at the end of the month.

~Mrs Galvan~

2 thoughts on “Daniel Fast: Day One

  1. I love your recipes. I am making the dates, the cilantro dressing, and using the almond milk in my smoothies. We’re in Gainesville, GA (Free Chapel Worship Center) and also started our corporate fast on January 6. I have a knitting and crocheting small group and was looking for Daniel Fast friendly ways to celebrate our 2 year anniversary next Friday. Now I know what we’re having! Have you ever tried to make your own taco chips. So easy. I buy corn soft tacos, mist them with EVOO, sprinkle with sea salt, cut them into wedges, and bake at 350 til they start to curl and become crispy. Delish!

    1. Oh I’m glad you’ll get to use the recipes! Yes, I have made the tortilla chips. I love to make them that way even when we aren’t doing the Daniel Fast. Have fun with tour knitting/crochet group and Yay on 2 years!

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