My Furry Baby, Leila

On March 21, 2012, the 70th anniversary of Casa Blanca, my furry baby, Leila was born. My brother in-law’s black Lab, Rocky and my good friend, Bri’s chocolate Lab are the momma and papa of my baby girl. I was around for the conception, and there for her birth as well. Of the litter, only two of puppies were black. My hubby and I had prayed that there would be at least one black Lab born (because that was what we wanted) and our prayers were answered when two were born. My mother and father in-law actually own the other black Lab.


We got to bring Leila home at 8 weeks and life just hasn’t been the same since we brought her home. She is such a joy in my life and in my husband’s. She makes me laugh with the silly things she does and she is so stinking smart. Within the first 3 weeks we had her home she was house trained, understanding “Time for bed” and responding to her name.


Leila gets to spend time with her brother, Bogey and her sister, Pebbles (aka Puddles) often because as I said earlier, my in-laws own the other black Lab and my brother in-law owns Pebbles (the blondie). It’s interesting when they are all together. Having three Labrador puppies is a handful and then some for all involved. Lots of training and discipline!


In July, we took Leila to the beach for the first time. She absolutely LOVED the sand. She wasn’t as excited about the water because the waves scared her but my hubby eventually convinced her to go out a little further and she learned how to swim. I can’t wait to take her back!


The day after the beach we got her fixed. With as much time as she spends around her brother, Bogey, we couldn’t chance it and opted to just have her fixed. She did so well after the surgery. She didn’t even have to wear “the cone of shame” and she healed up quickly.


Leila loves to eat her veggies! Of course she is a Lab and will eat anything you give her but she really enjoys carrots, kale chips, strawberry hulls, pureed pumpkin mixed in her food and an occasional piece of popcorn. Her favorite thing to do is wait underneath my mom’s wheelchair to see if she will drop anything by accident.


She is a handful all on her own but she has proven to be very teachable. We love her so very, very much!


Is it weird that I just wrote an entire post about my dog? Probably, but I hope not, LOL! My husband and I don’t have children as of yet and she is our furry baby. I honestly did not ever think that I would be a dog owner but here I am, owning and loving my doggie.

~Mrs Galvan~

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