I made a T-Shirt Quilt!

My aunt came to me late last year (2011) and asked me if I would consider making a t-shirt quilt for my cousin who is getting married this June (2012). I had made “sort of a quilt” a few years back but it was very simple! It actually only had a front and back panel with the batting inside. It’s a very cool blanket actually, LOL!

Well, I told my aunt that I would make the quilt and then set out to figure out what making a t-shirt quilt would entail.

It turned out I was gonna need a rotary cutter, quilting rulers and a cutting mat. I had never used any of those things so not only did I have to go and look for these items but I had to learn to use them as well. That was interesting.

A lady from the crochet small group I attend also suggested a website.  I looked through that website and that is really what got me through this entire experience. The website had  tutorial videos! I stayed up one night into the next morning watching those videos and the next day I began my t-shirt quilt adventure!

If you are interested in making your own t-shirt quilt here is a link to that website. The woman doing the tutorial is pretty detailed and really explains things so I totally recommend it:

Quilt Addicts Anonymous

Here are some pictures of the process:


It was a lot of work to make this baby but it was so much fun too! I’m so glad I was given the opportunity to learn something new. I guess I need to get started on one of my own. We have so many t-shirts in our house that I can’t throw away because they hold a memory.

Have a great week!!

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  1. Hey Leslie……I just saw your blog and saw this. I am making a quilt now, but have acquired t-shirts from our grandkids over the years and decided some day I’d make a quilt with them. Our daughter-in-law gave me several more the last time we were over there so I guess that will be my next project. Thanks for sharing the website. I am no expert at making quilts. I am sure it will come in handy. I know some of the steps I need to do, but I’m really looking forward to checking this website out. Thanks for sharing. I’m also enjoying you recipe’s! Cool!

    1. Tana,
      The website helped me so much because I really had no idea what I was doing. I’ve been collecting tshirts for another quilt and I’m excited to work on it soon. It will be the second one I do and this time I will have some experience:) Glad you are enjoying my blog! 😀 miss you and Dave! Y’all should come for a visit!

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