Thanksgiving Memory

With Thanksgiving on its way so quickly, I wonder if you have any fun stories about your past holidays to share. 

We haven’t had anything super humorous happen during Thanksgiving for the past 7 years, but our first year of marriage was a fun Thanksgiving.

The Mister and I made our very FIRST turkey. Neither one of us had ever made a turkey before so it was interesting. 

I WILL tell you that there were no leftovers that first year, but not because we ate the entire turkey. There were no leftovers, because even though our turkey was absolutely beautiful on the outside, the bottom half of the turkey was still not fully cooked! 

It was terrible. The parts that were cooked were delicious though 🙂

I was so excited that I could find the pictures of our first Thanksgiving!

Oh how far we have come! The Mister brines our turkeys now and they are perfect and deliciously juicy. 

Looking forward to this year’s turkey! 

What’s your funny holiday, or food fail story? 

~Mrs Galvan~

One thought on “Thanksgiving Memory

  1. We always travel for Thanksgiving, so I don’t have any funny food stories about that holiday, but we stay home for Easter, so for our first Easter, I was determined to recreate Easter dinner for just the two of us. Except that Andy got sick the weekend of Easter, so I went to church alone and then tried to cook the ham the next week. I don’t know if I bought a bad ham or what, but it never really cooked (even though they ought to be precooked, right?), and it oozed some odd-colored juices in the bottom of the roasting pan. We threw it out, and it took me a long time to get up enough courage to try making a ham again!

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