Thirteen Days In

Thirteen days into 2015 and I’m doing pretty good with the stress, YAY! I think the only thing that has been on my mind is getting Christmas decorations down. The Christmas lawn decorations are down thanks to The Mister and tonight I will be taking down Christmas on the inside of the house.

Yesterday I decided I didn’t need to stress about it or stress anyone else out about it and my words to The Mister were, “Tomorrow I will be taking down Christmas. The only thing I need for you to do is take down all the stuff I can’t reach.” It was that EASY my friends. Last night, he started taking down all the stuff I couldn’t reach. It was a fantastic moment!

I’ve also been looking at some new recipes for the year and have found some pretty delicious looking, easy, full of veggies recipes that I can’t wait to try.

I know I’ve been really silent lately but as I’ve decided that I would stress less this year, that may mean less blogging for awhile too. I’m not quitting or giving up this blog I’m just gonna blog as it comes. I will continue to be active on the My Kitchen Is Open Facebook Page though.

As I’ve looked over the past year, I’ve realized that there is A LOT going on in my life and even though food blogging is stress reliever for me I can’t be worried if I don’t blog everyday. I know you miss me:-)

The Mister brought me roses last week and I decided to bring a few to work. Every so often I pick them up, hold them to my nose and inhale that rosy smell and I smile.

This morning I brought the rest of them into work because they remind me to…


I guess I’ll be needing roses ALL year long! Lol!

I’m also counting down the days til I get to see this cutie!


~Mrs Galvan~


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