Black Friday is OVER!

Black Friday is over and I’m grateful that it is. Now, I can have my hubby back. Having a husband in retail during the holidays is not going to be fun. I can feel it in my bones!

Speaking of bones, I bought a JAWBONE this evening. Trying to figure it out. Any tips? I may need to exchange it for a smaller size tomorrow. Apparently my wrists are the only part of me that are a medium, LOL!


Back tracking to Thanksgiving…it went well! Our turkey turned out great, the family seemed to love it. There was sooooo much food! No turkey leftovers though, and that was pretty cool. Just means it was THAT good. So, maybe expect a few recipes with leftover stuffing and mash potatoes!

My family, for the most part, is not technologically savvy. There were a lot of oohs and ahs when we google+ chatted with my sister and niece, my cousin who is abroad, and his wife and baby girl. It was nice to see my loved ones happy to be connected to them somehow.


Technology is a beautiful thing!
After eating, this is how I found The Mister…


Pretty common on a holiday too but here, he was getting extra winks so he could go into work later.

Did I Black Friday shop? I actually only went to Michael’s and Best Buy on Thursday evening. I tried Target, but walked in and after about 10 minutes realized I could get the same sales online and I left. No one should ever have to stand in lines that long, EVER!

I’m happy Black Friday is over. How about you?

~ Mrs Galvan~

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