P is for Persimmon

Just this last week, a friend of mine offered me a persimmon tree. She asked me if I’d ever eaten one and I told her that I had not. That conversation left me wanting to try a persimmon.

This weekend, The Mister and I made a trip to our local COSTCO and they had persimmons! Of course, I had to buy some. As I perused the internet for what to do with them, everyone seems to be in agreement that the Fuyu persimmon is the one you can just take a bite out of. There is another kind of persimmon called the Hachiya persimmon. That persimmon has an astringent taste to it. So glad that’s not the one I bought.


I’ll be trying to figure out what to make with these but first…


Yup, persimmons are YUMMY!

P.S. Don’t forget my


~Mrs Galvan~

Nablopomo–Day 18

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