Havarti Dill Grilled Flat Bread Sandwich

THIS girl , she absolutely LOVES cheese!

Yea, I do. I am definitely not in denial about that. I’d have to say that my favorite kind of cheese thus far in my life is Goat Cheese, BUT that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about the grilled cheese flatbread sandwich that I made last week.

I sliced a Flat Out Bread- Light Garden Spinach in half, sautéed some mushrooms, onions, zucchini, and  summer squash. I toasted the flat bread on the griddle on one side. Then, on the flip-side of one flat bread, I layed out 3 oz of Danamark Havarti Dill cheese, added the vegetables, placed the second piece of flat bread on top and  let the cheese melt. I flipped the sandwich a few times to make sure that the heat was evenly distributed.


It was so good and so filling!! Total points for this meal was 11 points. Nine of those points were because of the cheese. Next time, I’m gonna shred the cheese so that I don’t use so much of it! Go ahead, go out, get you some Danamark Havarti Dill Cheese (I got mine at Sam’s Club)  and make this!

You could also use any vegetables you like to make this different every time you make it. A version with black beans, corn and salsa on top would make an awesome southwest version. You could make an Italian version with pepperoni or a Hawaiian one with pineapple and ham. Ooooh or the leftover veggies dinner the night before.  Can you tell this excites me?? There are so many possibilities!!

Regardless of the flavor profile, you’re looking at a way to make some FUN flat bread grilled cheese sandwiches OMFoodie Goodness!!!

Doesn’t it look delicious???


~Mrs Galvan~

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