Fun Spring Things

  Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean is hosting a Pin It Party today and I decided to join in!

Here are some fun spring things!

Lavender Honey Cupcakes: These cupcakes just scream SPRING! They would be great for a baby shower, or bridal shower this spring and really, I think they would do well for a barbecue. They are different and adventurous! Enjoy!

lavender cupcakes







Potato, Onion and Artichoke Pizza: This pizza is light and Daniel Fast Friendly, which makes it vegan as well. Even though I’m no longer doing the Daniel Fast, this pizza is still part of our meal planning. We love it!

Potato Onion and Artichoke Pizza

Zucchini Bread/Muffins:  This zucchini bread is super easy and fast to make. It’s delicious too. The muffins make  for an on the go breakfast for this kids or for you on your way out the door. They also make great food gifts for all those new mommies in your life. Spring IS here and I know I have lots of friends who are having babies.


Poor Man’s Crab Cakes: Just so you know, these are made of tuna. That’s why they are called “Poor Man’s Crab Cakes”. I can’t always afford to buy lump crab meat. Of course, if you can then you just use crab meat instead of tuna. These are fast, light, bright tasting and delicious!


Coconut Date Bites: If you’re looking for something sweet, with no added sugar these are amazing little balls of GOODNESS. They are also vegan. When I did the Daniel Fast, I made these and they definitely took care of my sweet tooth. They are great for taking on picnics or just to munch on outside in the beautiful spring weather while you read a book or blog.


These are some of my favorite posts from the past year. I hope that you’ll enjoy reading them for the first time or if you are one of my readers for the second and more inspirational time.

Have a great week!

~Mrs Galvan~

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