Goat Cheese Breakfast Delight

Monday morning…um, well afternoon actually, my husband/sous chef woke me and said he was going to make us some sandwiches. With sleepy eyes, I said, “Why?? I want breakfast.” Then he said, “This is gonna be an awesome sandwich.” I believed him and said OK.

I got out of bed, got dressed and made my way into the beautiful smelling kitchen. Bacon, I smelled BACON! I put on my apron and proceeded to help with whatever deliciousness he had promised. He toasted some whole wheat bread and then spread goat cheese on it. After the bacon was done, he said he wanted an over easy egg. I poured out most of the bacon drippings, turned the heat down a little and cracked open two eggs. I made possiblly two of the best over easy eggs I have EVER made with that bacon grease. They were beautiful!

Then began the assembly of the sandwich:

Toasted Whole Wheat Bread with goat cheese spread on it, bacon and sunnyside up egg on top. The other piece of toasted bread also had goat cheese with a slice of roasted turkey. (The hubby put ham on his) Slammed the sandwich together and VOILA!

OMFoodie Goodness!!!

Goat Cheese Breakfast Delight


This could be breakfast, lunch OR dinner.

It is one of the most simple and beautiful things I have eaten in awhile.

You should make it 😀

~Mrs Galvan~

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