Foodie Penpal Reveal :February 2013

It’s Foodie Penpal reveal day!

My foodie penpal this month was Michelle from This Princess Runs. Michelle sent me probably some of the most awesome stuff EVER!


Easily my most favorite thing was Dave’s Killer Bread! Oh my foodie goodness! This bread is not for plain old ham and cheese sandwiches. I thoroughly enjoyed this bread AND it was so good that I shared with my entire worship team at church. Yeah, when something is good, I don’t usually like to share, but this stuff had to be shared.


My next favorite thing (P.S. Everything in the box is my new favorite, LOL!) was the CRUNCHY Cookie Butter. I have had the smooth Cookie Butter from Trader Joe’s but never the crunchy. This entire jar disappeared in a matter of hours in our church green room. I dared everyone who walked in to try it, and talk about  the “ooh’s and aah’s” and “oh my goodness this is delicious” comments. Michelle, you did good hun! If you have never tried Cookie Butter, you NEED to go out and get some!


Michelle also sent me some roasted coconut. I had seen this item on Instagram just a week before I got my box and thought, “I would like to try that.” Michelle read my mind, lol!


These little roasted coco chips are great by the handful. They were also good sprinkled on Crunchy Cookie Butter that was spread on Dave’s Killer Bread!! LOL!

The next set of goodies was to die for! At first, I wasn’t real sure about it, but WOW!


Had I walked into TJ’s myself I probably would not have even thought to purchase these items, but now they are on my list! Again, thank you so much Michelle!

Folks, the nearest Trader Joe’s for me is over 200 miles away. So, I have to make a list to take with me on vacations or ask a family member to bring stuff when they visit.  This girl wishes there was a Trader Joe’s in the Rio Grande Valley! She also wishes more of her friends would send her Trader Joe care packages. . .

If you want to see what I sent to my foodie penpal Laura, check out her blog at Beyond the Small Perimeter of Me.

Now, if you are interested in joining Foodie Penpal, you can get all your information from Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean. It’s such a great experience!

~Mrs Galvan~

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