BZZAgent Review: SmartFood Selects


I was part of a BzzAgent Campaign for the new SmartFood Selects products. Thy sent me some of the product for free to try and review.

The day that I received my package I was so excited! I knew these snacks could possibly be the answer to my healthy snack needs but I was scared as to whether or not they would taste good.

I opened the Sour Cream & Onion puffed corn and oh my goodness!! First of all, they melt in your mouth and Second, the taste is beyond AMAZING!!

Plus, looking at the nutritional facts and ingredients wasn’t like looking at a science experiment.

They are Kosher, they are baked, there’s no MSG in them, there are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Yay!!

I also received the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Multi-Grain Pop Chips. These reminded me of eating bunuelos during the holidays. Only, I know these are better for me because thy aren’t fried!

The other flavor I was received was Parmesan Herb popcorn. Wow! That’s what I had to say! Between my mom, my husband and I these products were gone the same day I got them!

I am sad to say though, that I did not get to use my coupon because no one in my area carries them. It’s terrible! 🙁 I even went to a couple of specialty grocery stores and no such luck.

Thank you BzzAgent for a great campaign!

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